Rainie Yang wears Love Moschino to show her feminine and attractive side

From the teenage girl way back in Meteor Garden, Rainie Yang has grown into an attractive woman. Not only has her personality changed over the years, her choice of wardrobe has also changed. The 26 year old modeled some lovely dresses from Love Moschino; She made fun of her herself, “The me in the past would have worn a tank top inside this and pulled it all the way up to my neck!”

The “Guru of Cuteness” was met with a bottleneck two years ago where she was confused about her image, “I was 24, and wasn’t very sure of what my style should be. (I) was stuck.” After her last year’s birthday, she came to realize that her cuteness is of a woman, mature yet not needing to try hard to pretend to be an adult. She gradually accepted herself as that.

While wearing the elegant dresses, Rainie laughed, “I don’t have big cleavage…I don’t have a chest. I used to be very protective, but now I feel that wearing dresses like these are not bad.” She particularly liked Love Moschino’s dark purple dress and Blugirl’s black spangled dress accompanying her tanned skin tone from filming, making her look poised and charming. She hopes to try out more fitted clothing in the future, “The ones that wraps tightly and shows your curves, (which is) even sexier than going all naked.”

Although she’s very afraid of ghosts, she stars in the upcoming ghost film, “The Child’s Eye 3D”, which will be her third movie. She expressed, “I’m very afraid of ghosts, and I don’t watch any ghost films. I’ve got guts for anything else besides ghosts.” When she has to stay outside of Taiwan to film, she would always have her hairstylist stay in the same room as her, “Because my family wasn’t wealthy when I was little, so I always slept in the same bed as my mom and (older) sister, (I’m) used to having someone sleeping beside me.” But not only did she pick up a ghost film project, she also stayed alone when she was filming the movie in Thailand. She explained, “My room was huge. There was a living room and kitchen. The bed also had four tall posts (as its bedpost). It was very scary for someone who is afraid of ghosts. Good thing the lighting was good in the room. I finally got used to it after two to three weeks.”

Top pic: Love Moschino dress NT$15,800, Anya Hindmarch purse NT$16,800, Jimmy Choo shoes NT$36,800.

Left: Blugirl black spangled dress NT$49,800, Anya Hindmarch clutch NT$99,800, Jimmy Choo shoes NT$39,800.

Source: Appledaily

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