Rainie Yang goes 3D on the cover of VOGUE

VOGUE magazine specially invited Rainie Yang to be on their 3D cover of this month’s issue. After having been in showbiz for 10 years, Rainie expressed that she is most proud about being able to repay all her family’s debt, as well as being able to hold her own concert.

When asked about her love life, she revealed that she had come across the “right person” before, but they broke up in the ends; with her eyes becoming watery, she explained that her love for him was not steady enough. The 26 year old singer and actress had once dated Alien Huang, Roy Qiu, and Ben (of B.A.D). Thinking back to past relationships, she said, “I once said that I didn’t know what it feels like to have loved someone deeply, but because of that person, I know now.” One time, she told him that she was afraid of her dog dying and her mom leaving, and he responded, “At that time, I will be there,” which moved Rainie greatly.

Rainie, who didn’t grasp onto her “right person” at the time, is currently single. She visited the temple on the 8th – besides praying for good box office results for her new movie, “The Child’s Eye 3D”, she also prayed to find a good man soon.

“The Child’s Eye 3D” will be in theaters on the 15th.

Source: Appledaily / Pictures from VOGUE's style blog

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