Question of sexuality hinders Aaron Yan's career

It’s been six years since Aaron Yan debuted in showbiz and he has experienced both highs and lows in his career. Aaron revealed that he was recruited into the entertainment industry in quite an interesting way. Like everyone else who likes sharing their profiles and make new friends on the web, Aaron initially posted a handsome photo of himself on the Match Yahoo (Kimo TW) web. His profile was hugely popular and due to his good looks, his photo was often put on the front page of the website, which attracted many agencies’ attention. GTV, SETTV, and Angie Cai of Comic Ritz all made contact with him – he signed with Comic Ritz in the end.

Aaron’s first on screen appearance was a no-pay cameo on two episodes of the drama, “I Love My Wife” (安室愛美惠). Thinking back at the time, Aaron was very afraid of the camera and he was shaking throughout the entire time that he was filming. He even had a phobia for acting afterwards. Although his interest was to become a singer, he later joined forces with Jiro Wang, Calvin Chen, and Wu Chun to star in the TV series, “KO One”. Following the drama, they became Fahrenheit and immediately rose to fame.

Aaron revealed that Wu Chun was hesitant to join the group at first since singing and dancing was a challenge to him, “At the time I said to Wu Chun, ‘We need you, let’s work hard together’.” Aaron admitted that forming the group wasn’t easy, “(We) needed to get used to together as a group. I’m the youngest and my knowledge and my interests are a lot different from everyone else. It’s hard to avoid the age gap. Wu Chun talks to me the most. He’s like a father figure, who always talks with reason and logic. The concert we had last year really helped us improve on our sense of cooperation, making us realize how great our power as a group is.”

Aaron’s road to acting has been quite smooth, but in 2007, his role in “Rolling Love” was replaced. Aaron explained, “I wasn’t very clear of the reason (for getting replaced). I found out later during the filming of ‘Mysterious Incredible Terminator’ (霹靂MIT). It was because there were rumors about my sexuality.” Feeling a bit frustrated, he responded, “Afterwards, I only went out with girls. If there were guys, I wouldn’t dare to get too close. Otherwise, I just stayed home.”

Aaron expressed that he realized that “he must love himself in order to be loved by others” during his filming of “MIT”. His attitude towards work has changed and he was even willing to film two dramas at the same time most recently (Love Buffet and Gloomy Salad Days). He said, “I didn’t want to miss out on Gloomy Salad Days for its excellent script. Also, being able to work with veteran actor Jack Kao, it really helped develop my skills further.”

Left: Aaron at age 1 / Right: Aaron at age 17 already caught the eyes of many agencies.

Due to his father’s job, Aaron went to school in America and didn’t return to Taiwan until he was in grade five. Right now, he hopes that he can continue to make more money so that his dad, who’s a doctor, can retire earlier and enjoy life with his mom.

Left: Aaron (left) at age 19 in KO One / Right: Aaron (2nd on left) became Fahrenheit with Wu Chun, Jiro Wang, and Calvin Chen.

Source: Appledaily, Durra0204's Channel

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