Prince and Modi return to TV as love rivals in new drama

They might look like they can give the Bins a run for their money, but real-life brothers Prince(21) and Modi(19) are all grown up now. The two will soon be returning to the small screen with their new drama “Gloomy Salad Days”. In a recent interview, they talked about brotherhood, girls and working together in the entertainment industry.

It’s been 4 years since the brothers were introduced to viewers as teenagers on Channel [V]'s Mo Fan Bang Bang Tang. Prince got a head start with acting and singing, while Modi followed a similar path several years later. The younger one often gets teased for copying his brother, to which he said with a wry smile, “I’m not imitating him. It’s just that he’s always one step ahead!”

The two will be showing a darker side of themselves as love rivals in Gloomy Salad Days. It turned out that Prince actually recommended Modi to the director during his own audition. He also tries to help out by having discussions about working in the business with his younger brother. Modi said, “I know he is being good to me. I take his advice most of the time, but as I get more experience, (I) want to create my own path.”

Although both are equally capable of attracting girls on screen, they agree that Prince is definitely more popular with the opposite sex in real life. Prince frankly admitted a lot of female classmates used to line up for his help because he excelled in math. The attention gave him a slight sense of pride, yet he has also been frightened by one particularly aggressive girl, “A female classmate once tattooed my name on her wrist. I can’t approve of that.”

In contrast to his brother, Modi said, “In the past, whenever there was someone I liked, (I) would get my brother to be my advisor. They always ended up liking him instead, so I could only let go! Nowadays if a relationship is not certain yet, I would avoid introducing her to Prince.”

The two currently rent a place and attend Hsin Wu College together. Modi has often complained that their parents favor his brother over him ever since they were young. He said he is always the one that gets yelled but adds, “When I was bullied in school, my brother would punish those people for me. Whenever there’s something good to use or eat, he always shares them with me. Now that (we’re) working in the entertainment industry together, he helps me a lot.”

Prince and Modi will appear in the first two episodes of Gloomy Salad Days on this Saturday Oct. 9th.


Source: Chinatimes, video from pts's Channel

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