Park Jung Min wants to collaborate with Weibird Wei

As reported earlier, Park Jung Min has officially signed a contract with Sony Music Taiwan on September 30th. When asked which singer he would like to collaborate with, Park Jung Min shyly replied in Chinese, “Wei Li An (Weibird Wei)” which stunned the media; He then quickly added that he would also like to work with Jay Chou and Leehom Wang.

The media was rather curious as to how he found out about singer-songwriter Weibird Wei, who is this year’s newcomer. Park Jung Min explained, “A fan gave me Weibird’s CD, and (it) was really good.” He even complimented in Chinese, “Wei Li An’s music is great, superb!”

After hearing that Park Jung Min praised his music, Weibird expressed in surprise, “What? I never thought that he would listen to my music. I thought he liked dance music better. I really thank him very much.” Weibird will already be serving in the military when Park Jung Min returns again in December to release an album; When asked if he would agree to write a song for Park Jung Min if he requests, Weibird answered, “Of course! Even when I’m serving the military, I will write it!”

Park Jung Min left Taiwan on October 1st with fans sending him off at the airport.  In related news, Korean actor Jang Geun Suk arrived in Taiwan on the same day.  He and costar Park Shin Hye from "You Are Beautiful" will be holding an "A.N.Show" fan meeting.

Jang Geun Suk appeared in his usual mom's hair.

Source: UDN

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