Park Jung Min shows off his absurd Chinese in Taiwan

Park Jung Min of the popular Korean boy group SS501 flew to Taiwan alone to officially sign with Sony Music Taiwan. New label mate “Little Fatty” Lin Yu-Chun was there to welcome him and presented him with a beautiful glass Eagle to signify success (“to fly high”).

Lin Yu-Chun then gave him his very own favorite hamburger as a treat, but Park Jung Min responded in Chinese, “I love you! Your tummy is so cute!” while poking Lin Yu-Chun’s stomach.  He then said that he would go anywhere with Lin Yu-Chun; Lin Yu-Chun was speechless.

Park Jung Min has only begun learning Chinese for a month. He surprised the media by throwing random Chinese phrases. Everyone fell in laughter when he said, “You’re so cheap!” in perfect pronunciation. He quickly explained, “Aren’t you supposed to start with the bad phrases first when learning a new language? I learned this from a friend.” Contrasting his usual gentleman and pretty boy image, he humorously revealed that the “friend” he was referring to was no other but Taiwanese idol drama producer Angie Chai. Park Jung Min expressed his high interest in acting in dramas, and he said with his eyes glimmering, “I’ve been working out, so I’m very confident of my lower body. For the sake of acting, I can sacrifice myself, it’s even okay if I have to go fully naked, but it has to be blurred out (when it airs)!”

In addition to acting, Park Jung Min plans to return to Taiwan in December to release his solo album, which will contain Chinese songs.

 Park Jung Min poking Lin Yu-Chun's tummy.

Check out the news clip below:

Source: Appledaily / Video: yinglisa5387's channel

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