New Mandopop girl group ZERO+ aim high, challenge for #1 group

The five beautiful ladies that make up Mandopop upstart girl group ZERO+ have already begun making a name for themselves in their native homeland of Taiwan, as their latest promotions have shown. In a recently planned appearance that was postponed due to rainy weather, ZERO+ member Anna Lee loudly stated "They almost broke out in tears!" when the fans that waited a long time for their idols heard about the postponement.

Consisting of members Shao Ting 邵庭, Xu Yan Kai 許妍愷, Anna Lee 安娜‧李, He Xi 荷希, and Ya Li 亞理, the members of ZERO+ have made appearances on various Taiwanese variety television programs. On one program in particular, member Xu Yan Kai felt proud after the host praised the girls for their beauty and their great photo shoot, causing the other members to blush and feel happy in response.

Promoting since the summer, the various members have given their thoughts since then. Member Anna Lee, who is a huge fan of Japanese entertainment, has already hosted her own television program called 台灣腳逛大陸 (loose translation: Taiwanese strolling through China) where she travels around mainland China. She further responded with determination, "Ten years from now, I'll definitely have my own variety show program to host!" Anna also generously revealed her love for Taiwanese entertainer Show Luo: "He's a great guy that can really do a bunch of things like act, sing, and host."

The five members of ZERO+ have been training together for quite some time with the hope of becoming the "number one girl group" in Mandopop. The 20-something year olds also commented, "We like to sing, and we really admire [veteran Taiwanese singer/songwriter] Cheer Chen. We hope to be like her!"

Zero+'s "Sha La La La" MV:

ZERO+'s "Sha La La La" performance on 100% Entertainment:

ZERO+'s bikini photo shoot:

Source: UDN

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