Music videos go overboard to capture viewers' attention

Have recent MVs been going overboard? In order to grab our attention, all kinds of gimmick are used such as shock, seductiveness, and gore – which raise concerns of inappropriateness for young teens. Kenji Wu’s “It’s Alright” MV was banned by the GIO due to excessive skin exposure. The MV is edited for TV broadcast while the uncut version is available on Kenji’s facebook. But the scene with his female lead’s naked body lasts no more than a second in the full version, which makes many feel that it was hype more than anything.

Jaycee Chan’s “Loyal” MV is full of anger – not only does he sing “Kill, for my country... Kill, so that I can go home alive,” the MV starts off with Jaycee and others stepping onto the hanging platform. Even though the actors use their hands as guns, Jaycee snaps and bites his enemies’ fingers, splattering blood on the screen. He sings about sacrificing for his country and fighting for his family. The heavy-metal song accompanied with its stylish yet violent concept sure is enough to shock viewers.

Lala Hsu climbs up to the top of more than 10 stacked chairs in her “Acrophobia” MV. She falls backwards and lets her male lead catch her at the very bottom. The scene is to portray the fearful feeling of falling down in a love relationship. Although many of us have played the game of trusting your partner to catch you when you fall back, the distance from Lala’s fall is truly too dangerously high for anyone to have any “trust” in.

In Yao Yao’s “Happiness Is Not Far Away” MV, the male lead sees a girl drowning in the water and immediately dives into the sea in attempt to save her, but both the girl and the male lead dies from drowning together. Many netizens criticize the MV for setting a bad example and expressed comments such as, “Even if you’re a swimming athlete, you don’t just rush to save a person like that,” and “you should call for help, get a stick or a life saver first.”

All that can be said is that for the sake of creativity, this year’s MVs have been going to all lengths. In regards to criticisms, an unnamed record company expressed, “If we’ve set a wrong example by mistake, we will try our best to avoid it in the future.”

Kenji Wu's "It's Alright" MV:

Jaycee Chan's "Loyal" MV:

Lala Hsu's "Acrophobia" MV:

Yao Yao's "Happiness Is Not Far Away" MV:

Source: UDN / Videos: joshuaongys, supernicemusic

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