Music accompanies Weibird Wei through his school days

Weibird Wei graduated from National Taiwan University this year majoring in foreign languages. He then released his debut album, fulfilling his dream of becoming a singer. Before debut, the 23 year old singer-songwriter competed on Happy Sunday’s singing contest show and won first place. He reveals that he has always loved performing since he was little; At 8, his mom once persuaded and forced him to perform with her at a community concert in front of a hundred people. He imitated his favorite idols Little Tigers’ song and dance, and received high praises from neighbors – which Weibird considers that was when his interest for music and performance began.

Weibird was on the chubby side when he was in elementary school. He gradually slimmed down as he grew taller in junior high school. However, he was met with acne problems. He describes that he “passed those days in the dark(ness)”. Although he had many friends, he still had low self-esteem, where he didn’t like going out much; only music and studying gave him self confidence.

Since his parents are university professors, Weibird has been very well disciplined since little. He calls himself a goody two-shoes and expresses that he used to be so well behaved that he didn’t even know how to fight, “When I was in junior high, one time I was talking very loudly and a student from another class heard my voice and thought that I was shouting at him. He waited outside for me after school and beat me up badly, but I was so scared that I couldn't fight back. Even if I was able to fight back, I wouldn’t know how.”

Left: Weibird at age 8 performing with his mom in front of a hundred people / 
Right: Weibird at age 11.

Weibird has a brother who’s 8 years younger. Due to the age difference, Weibird is like an older brother and a father at the same time to his younger brother. He remembers that his younger brother was once bullied by others in elementary school. Even though he is mild tempered, he couldn’t tolerate his brother being bullied, so he decided to pick up his brother after school one day and purposely walked pass the bullies to scare them off. It certainly did the trick as his younger brother did not get bullied again after.

Left : Weibird at age 14 /  Right: Weibird (right) at age 17 received a gift from classmates before going abroad as exchange student.

Source: Appledaily / Video: mocaca0918

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