Michael Wong hits convenience stores to promote latest album "Too Naive"

In the flurry of recent and upcoming releases from Mandopop heavyweights such as Jolin Tsai, ELVA, Fahrenheit, and Hebe Tian, Mandopop's well-loved musical son Michael Wong (Guang Liang) marks his return with the release of his own latest album titled "Too Naive". Best known for his huge karaoke hit song "Fairy Tale (Tong Hua)" that also shed the water works for viewers of its sad story MV, Michael brings his trademark ballad sound once again for listeners to sway to.

For the debut song for his latest album of the same name, the veteran Chinese-Malaysian singer/composer was partly inspired to compose the tune "Too Naive"  because of the "really foolish and naive" attitudes held by Hong Kong celebrities Gillian Chung and Cecilia Cheung during the infamous Edison Chen photo sex scandal two years prior.

Unlike previous release of Michael's solo albums, the singer has opted to distribute his album through unconventional outlets by abandoning traditional retail music stores in favor of convenience store chains. The move to distribute his latest album to convenience stores such as Family Mart means that his album will penetrate over 2,600 outlets all throughout Taiwan.

By shifting his sales from the corporate strongholds of retail music stores to less established outlets for selling music found in convenience stores, Michael's latest album may not be eligible for appearances in the more popular Mandopop music charts. In response, Michael commented that he was not worried, and that "the charts are only there to promote singers, and I just want to return the focus on the essence of making music".

Michael Wong's "Too Naive 太天真" MV:

Source: Apple Daily

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