Mayday’s Ashin puts his photography talent to use for fashion brand

In addition to his talents in music and arts, Mayday’s Ashin also happens to be an avid photographer. He recently collaborated with Italian fashion brand Maxmara, so fans will soon get to see their beautiful models and fashion through his lenses.

Maxmara invited Ashin and artist No2good to create 7 photography pieces that convey the brand’s elegant and feminine style. Their work will be presented for the first time at the Maxmara fashion show this Friday. After VIP’s get their first look, the pieces will be put on display at all Maxmara counters across Taiwan successively.

Ashin and No2good, who is a Taiwan’s first generation animation artist, met each other back in 1992. The two haven't stopped their love and desire for arts since then. They along with artist Kea even collaborated on two exhibitions this year -- “Stay Real Forever” in Shanghai and “Revolution of Evolution” in Taichung.

Source: UDN, image from Maxmara

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