Mark Chao proposes to Ivy Chen

...of course not for real (you wish!).  As the spokesperson for the Japanese wedding ring brand name, I-Primo, Mark Chao has already proposed three times this year! With I-Primo opening another store at Kaohsiung, Mark appeared as prince charming; he kissed his bride Ivy Chen's hand and proposed during the promotional event, which marked his third marriage proposal. Back in April of this year, he kneeled on one knee and proposed to the crowd. And just three weeks ago, he proposed to his Monga co-star Alice Ke.

Mark and Ivy’s highly anticipated “Black & White” movie happens to be filmed in Kaohsiung. Thus, the two leads came together not only to promote their movie, but also to make some extra money. Just from appearing at the event alone, Mark pocketed NT$500,000. As for the required act of proposing, Mark joked that he can even write a book about it now, “If any guys have questions about proposing, you can come ask me.”

Ivy Chen wore a wedding dress accompanied with a diamond tiara, necklace, and earrings that were worth thirty million (TWD). She revealed that she once received a diamond ring when she was studying in university, “At the time I thought that since it was so big, it must be 1 karat, but I later found out that it was only a 30 point diamond. If anyone proposes to me in the future, I think a 50 point diamond will be enough, 1 karat is too much for me.”

 Left: Mark proposing to the crowd. / Right: Mark proposing to Alice Ke.

Source: Appledaily

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