Mandopop idols Ariel Lin and Joe Cheng kick off electric Japanese concert

Following the success of South Korean girl group Girls' Generation push into the Japanese market, the Mandopop wave made their own successful push into Japan with the likes of Mandopop stars Ariel Lin, Joe Cheng, Eddie Peng, and others making their appearance in their recent Japanese debut Mandopop wave superstar concert. As the name of the concert already implied, the concert marks the first time a collection of Mandopop stars have gathered together to share the stage in order to garner the attention of their many Japanese fans.

Ariel, who continues to be hugely popular in Japan ever since her leading role in Japanese manga-turned-Taiwanese idol drama "It Started with a Kiss" became a mega-hit in Japan, just wrapped up promotions for her latest album. On the verge of diving into another manga-turned-drama "Extravagant Challenge", the Taiwanese idol made her Japanese concert debut by kicking off the event with fellow idol drama sweetheart Joe Cheng for a rendition of the song "Love or Bread" off their previous idol drama together. The couple once again took the stage together while they held hands, hugged, and kissed to the delight of the thousands of Japanese fans in attendance. What was also pleasantly surprising was that before Ariel boarded her plane back to Taiwan, the actress held a party with her fans to celebrate her October 29th birthday ahead of time.

For Joe though, who usually films dramas in his spare time, used his time recently to cram his studies with both a Japanese language teacher and a dance instructor in preparations for the concert. The Taiwanese idol replied, "I'm really nervous. Due to this performance, I've especially worked overtime on my dance choreography while filming a [mainland Chinese] drama on the side. I also need to memorize new dance moves while working on my Japanese dialogue during that time. I almost couldn't sleep." Fellow Taiwanese idol and pop star dancer Eddie Peng was pleased about Joe's recent progress in response.

The Japanese concert featuring the collection of Taiwanese Mandopop stars in famed Shinagawa Aqua Stadium Stellar Ball, sold out its total ticket allotment of 2,500 tickets in three days, where fans from both Japan and Taiwan gathered to watch their idols in concert. In addition to Joe and Ariel, fellow Taiwanese stars Danson Tang, Eddie Peng, A-Lin, and dance flow rounded out the set of performers where they all conversed in Japanese to their Japanese fans in attendance.

Source: UDN
Photo Source: Apple Daily

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