Lu Chen wants you to witness a miracle on the big screen

Magic fever is taking over the movie industry as everyone wants to film their very own magic movie. Among them, magician Lu Chen will be investing and acting in his very own, “猜心之黑魔法” (roughly translates to Guess Heart: Black Magic), which is set to start filming in December. Director Derek Yee will also begin filming his “大魔術師” (lit. Great Magician) in February of next year, starring Tony Leung and Zhou Xun. Stephen Fung will be directing and acting in his “無鎖不能” (lit. No Lock No Can’t Do). Even Jay Chou had planned to film “Secret II” with a story based on a magician with Andy Lau in a teacher role, but the project was unfortunately scrapped before it even began.

After Lu Chen’s popularity skyrocketed from his CCTV Chinese New Year special performance in 2009 (and 2010), many movie production companies have been fighting to film a movie about magic. Lu Chen’s “Guess Heart” tells a story about a cursed ruby, whereby who ever possesses it will gain great magical powers.

Director Billy Chung (鍾少雄) of Lu Chen’s movie expressed that although there are many other upcoming movies filming about magic at the same time, he’s not worried. Having a real magician in his movie, he revealed, “The movie will be filmed with one continuous shot to prove that the performance is real, no special effects, no editing. All of our actors also needed to sign an agreement that they cannot reveal the secret of magic.”

Back in 2007, Jay Chou once said that he was preparing to film “Secret II” and inviting Andy Lau to take part in it, but the project still has not been realized. JVR responded yesterday, “Andy Lau is Jay’s idol which he admires a lot. There are no plans of the two collaborating yet.”

Source: Appledaily

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