Lollipop returns with a new name and new image

Gold Typhoon’s 2010 heavyweight newcomer “Lollipop F” will release their brand new album this November! The 4 members of Lollipop F (Owodog, Fabien, William and A-wei) have undergone intense training since April in order to return with a completely new image unlike anything from the past. During this period, their record company was still receiving endless offers for endorsements, as well as group and solo performances. The four members especially took a break from training to be the ambassadors for Eden Welfare Foundation’s “Yes, I Can Love Trendy T-shirt” campaign. They were also “appointed” as “Jeju tourism goodwill ambassadors”, and recently went there for 6 days/5 nights to film a commercial promoting the scenic Jeju Island!

Now if it sounds a little “official” that’s because it is -- The above was translated from a silly press release for their upcoming album. Nevertheless it came with some interesting photos (or the same one with slightly different expressions) of the guys with their “new” image. It’s definitely worth a second look, since they are barely recognizable at first glance…

In related news, former Lollipop member LilJay also visited Korea recently following his concert with Prince in Hong Kong. He was there for a 5-day vacation and said the local spicy soups were burning up his stomach. Meanwhile, Prince appeared in the first two episodes of Gloomy Salad Days along with his brother Modi. You can check out our full recap here.

More pics (and see William celebrates his 25th birthday in drag):

Source: Libertytimes/Gold Typhoon

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