Lollipop F showcases their new bods in "Crazy Dance"

Lollipop F held an autographing and concert event for their upcoming album, “四度空間” (Four Dimensions). After 200 days of intensive training, the four members have become much manlier. While William and A-Wei went on a diet to lose weight, their leader Owdog had been eating more in order to gain weight and do muscle training. William could only sigh, feeling unfair.

All their hard work is paid off as they performed their “Crazy Dance” at the signing event. The fans screamed in excitement when the members did a back-flip at the same time. Owodog made fun, “Even Xiao Yu (Fabien), who wants to be a singer-songwriter, is going all out.” But Fabien shook his head in dismay, “In order to do the back-flip, I practiced so hard that I dislocated my (left) thumb.”

When asked which member has the best body, William immediately responded, “I think it’s me. Although A-Wei looks very buff on the outside, my muscles are more toned.” Indeed, William has been very proud of his new bod where he even ripped his top off to showcase it at a press conference previously.

The CF for their album:

Source: UDN, Liberty Times, Appledaily / Video: TyphoonGroup

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