Leehom Wang thinks sports cars are for the 'suddenly wealthy'

Top stars and their sports cars often make the entertainment pages, but Leehom Wang surprised a few readers last year when he bought a 10 year-old van for his 33rd birthday. The NT$60,000 web purchase was the first ever vehicle he has ever gotten for himself. He went with a used car because it was apparently more environmental according to his brother’s research.

In a recent interview on TVBS, he said it would be a pity to spend his hard-earn money on luxury, “Like buying sports cars, or spending it on things like the ‘suddenly wealthy' would. I think there’s no meaning in that. Moreover, it can help a lot of people. I work with World Vision, and feel that I must help those who can’t help themselves.”

He showed his toe socks to the host mid-way through the interview and told her, “These are by the Jackie Chan brand. They even have his initials ‘J.C.’ sewn on them. Everything from top to bottom (on my body) doesn’t cost any money.” He went on to explain that while they were filming “Little Big Soldiers” in a remote area, his socks were soaked by the rain so Chan offered him a pair.

Leehom Wang’s casual style has also attracted the media’s attention lately. Especially his “white socks x sandals” combo, to which he was puzzled, “Why is everyone so interested in my socks?” He added, ‘If I have to put on gold and silver (accessories) just to shop nearby my home, I think it would be very tiring.”

Regardless of what socks he’s wearing, Leehom's comment on luxury spending is sure to create controversy since many top stars are famous for their sports cars. The name Jay Chou comes to mind immediately considering his collection ranges from modest antiques to the Batmobile. He certainly proved that one can buy multi-million-dollar toys and still do plenty of good deeds.

Here’s a recap of stars and their hot cars (compiled by Appledaily):

Aaron Kwok, Jimmy Lin

Source: Appledaily, Chinatimes, images from Appledaily, Jimmy Creative Studio, TVBS

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