Leehom Wang slammed by netizens for Stephen Chow comparison

We’d be lying if we said we didn’t see this coming – Following the announcement of this year’s Golden Horse nominations, Leehom Wang was asked to respond on the lack of noms (with the exception of Best Song) for his directorial debut “Love is Disguise”. He said comedies were never meant for awards, and pointed out that Stephen Chow has never won a Golden Horse for Best Actor either. The comparison quickly drew a wave of backlash from netizens. One even mocked him with *a line from the Stephen Chow classic “King of Comedy” calling him just a “God-damn extra” (when compared to Chow.)

Leehom Wang has firmly established himself in the music industry. His efforts in acting and directing his first production were also apparent. But in addition to judges and the audience, it will take time to prove the extent of his movie talent. His comment regarding Stephen Chow was not entirely correct – Although Chow has never won Best Actor at the Golden Horse, he has won Best Supporting Actor for Final Justice (1989), Best Director and Best Film for “Kung Fu Hustle” (2004). The multi-talented comedian has clearly been recognized for his abilities both in front and behind of the camera.

Leehom Wang’s manager explained, “Leehom meant that it’s not easy for comedies to win awards. When he said Stephen Chow hasn’t won an award, it was referring to Best Actor. (As for) Best Supporting Actor…It’s not Best Actor.” Prior to the release of “Love in Disguise”, he once said critics enjoy giving negative reviews to attract readers, but it came off as an attempt to avoid poor reviews on his own movie.

Director Chang Tso Chi, who received 14 nominations for his new movie “When Love Comes”, doesn’t appear to be too impressed by the rookie director. At a recent press conference, Chang gave high praises to “Bodyguards and Assassins” and “Monga”, calling them the movies of his dreams. He then joked, “Some people just sing some songs and become a director,” which caused a riot of laughter due to its obvious target. Furthermore, he questioned, “Why is he using his talent as a singer in filmmaking?” However, the director did add that the movie should not be judged based on his achievements in music.

In other Leehom news, the latest rumors suggest that he will be starring in the 3D Mulan after all. He didn’t deny the rumor, and said he met Zhang Ziyi back when he visited Ang Lee on the set of “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon”. One movie that he is starring in for sure is “Founding of a Party (建黨偉業)”. Leehom confirmed he is playing a character in the film version but declined to reveal who it will be.

*Watch the original Cantonese version here
Source: Appledaily, Chinatimes, Libertytimes, UDN

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