Leehom Wang comforts himself over Golden Horse disappointment

After a month-long promotion in the mainland, Leehom Wang returned to Taiwan to promote the repackaged edition of his “18 Martial Arts” album. He’s been travelling from city to city for activities and performances as if he was a “courier package”. The star finally got a night of rest to recover from his fatigue before getting back to work again. At the Taipei autograph session, Leehom greeted fans in stylish sunglasses and a rendition of “Need Someone By Your side”.

Reporters were eager to get his reaction on the lack of nomination at this year’s Golden Horse Awards. He said he wasn’t surprised and pointed out that comedies typically don’t receive recognition from judges. He also mentioned that the great Stephen Chow has never received a Golden Horse for Best Actor. Leehom's movie “Love in Disguise” accumulated 70 million RMB (~10 mil USD) at the mainland box office, and a decent 8 million NTD (~250,000 USD) in Taiwan. However, the film itself only received mixed reviews -- Some fans praised it for being funny and entertaining, while others criticized it for re-using old clichés and a weak story structure.

"Love in Disguise" did receive a Best Original Film Song nomination for “All the Things You Never Knew”. Leehom said it meant a lot to him and added, “I submitted 7 songs, so my probability of getting nominated is 7 times greater than other people!” He said he is more concerned with the movie’s performance at the box office rather than the awards it receives. Leehom said he is already working on the script of his next movie, but refused to reveal further details other than the fact that it is not a comedy.

In his latest track, “Need Someone By Your side”, he expressed the feeling of needing someone. A fan gave him a set of pillows at the Taipei event wishing him to find his pillow mate in the near future. When asked whether he has a candidate, Leehom went with the official answer, “I’m already happy with having my fans and pillows by my side.”

The commemorate edition of "18 Martial Arts" is now available from Yesasia. It comes with a DVD consists of music videos for "Firewood, Rice, Oil, Salt, Soy Sauce, Vinegar, Tea", "All The Things You Never Knew", "Bo Ya Cuts The Strings", "Beauty" and "Need Someone By Your Side".

Fan cam of Leehom performing at the Kaohsiung event:

Source: Appledaily, Nownews, elura2009's Channel

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