[Updated w/ MV] Kenji Wu tries to win Yao Yao’s heart in “Love Me, Hate Me”

Following the overwhelming response for “It's Alright”, Kenji Wu moves on to the promotion of his follow up single, “Love Me, Hate Me (愛我 恨我)”. In the upcoming video, 300 extras were called in to fill a street that was especially blocked off for filming. It created so much traffic that some police officers even mistook them for gang members. Kenji Wu said of his experience, “It’s rare for a MV shoot to get the police’s attention like the movie Monga!”

The music video was in fact inspired by Kenji Wu’s observation. He noticed the increasingly serious condition of the “Herbivore Men” which leads to a shortage of “Carnivorous Men”. The singer hopes “Love Me, Hate Me” will eliminate the timid herbivores phenomenon by conveying the message, “Whether people love you or hate you, (you) must frankly be yourself.” To visualize the song’s theme, Kenji Wu plays someone who speaks out for Herbivore Men that are too afraid to take action. He leads them on a war for love by marching down the street in black tank tops…

In addition to that, Kenji Wu enlisted the help of Yao Yao (who is his junior at Seed Music) to play the role of a “Sweetheart Goddess”. It was her first time dressing up as an office lady, to which she said it was something new to her. As the number one Transformers fan, Kenji Wu performed a manly “Transformers Dance” that was choreographed by former Energy member Milk. He is very demanding of himself so the dance sequence took an entire night to film. Kenji Wu laughed and said, “The complexity of this dance has completely surpassed that of ‘The Human Centipede’!”

The music video for “Love Me, Hate Me” will premiere on 10/14. His album is now available from Yesasia.

Doesn't this look a little familiar?...


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Source: Libertytimes, images from Seed Music, video from seedmusic2008's channel

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