Kenji Wu gets smashed and bruised for latest MV filming

Following his first single, “It’s Alright”, singer-songwriter Kenji Wu releases his second ballad, “Absolutely Won’t Let Go” (絕對不放). Kenji, who wrote both the song and lyrics, especially communicated the imagery he had in mind while he wrote the song with his MV director, which they decided to tell a story of how one would risk everything for love. Kenji plays the role of a mechanic at an auto shop who has feelings for Haden Kuo (model/actress). He endures the pain of seeing Haden getting hurt by her boyfriend. Near the end of the MV, the director specially arranged to have Kenji getting beaten up by a gang. In order to make it realistic, they had to throw some real punches; Kenji laughed, “Aren’t we filming a love story here? How come it seems more like an action movie now?”

In addition to getting bruises from all the beating, Kenji also gets smashed with a bottle on the back of his head. For the sake of obtaining the scene at different angles, Kenji got smashed with a bottle ten times while also having to act out his inner feelings. It was after the shoot when the staff realized that Kenji’s neck was bleeding, but Kenji comforted everyone, “It’s okay. Seeing red is a good sign, it means that my album will sell well! My sacrifice is worth it!”

The crew was filming the MV until late night. When neighbors spotted the large group filming the fight scene at the auto shop, they thought there was a real fight and called the police three times.

Kenji's "Absolutely Won't Let Go" MV with English Subs:

Source: Liberty Times

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