Kenji Wu buys luxury home to house his divorced parents...together!

Due to his waist injury, which was the reason his concert was called off, Kenji Wu has been dim in the last two years. However, he has done 50 performances and obtained 4 endorsements in the Mainland, as well as being in the commercial for a convenience store in Taiwan, making close to 140 million (NTD).

Before he rose to fame, Kenji has done many part time jobs including standing at a train station as a costumed mascot. Being the top man in Seed Music now, he has reportedly bought two apartments; He lives by himself in Taipei, while his divorced parents reside together in his 100 ping (~3558 sq. feet) luxury home in Kaoshiung.

Although he has made over a hundred million in recent years, he has a 60 million dollar mortgage for his two homes and he also helped his father pay off a 40 million debt due to business losses. When asked if his family often asks him for money, he said, “It’s alright.” General manager Lancaster Tien (田定豐) of Seed Music responded, “He is very filial. As a son, he will try his best to fulfill all his parents’ needs.”

His new single, “我能給的” (roughly translates to What I Can Give), writes about his past relationship; He was once madly in love with a girl from school. They dated for close to five years, but his girlfriend’s father asked him what he could give to his daughter. Having thought over the answer, they still broke up in the end. Thinking back, he said, “She’s already married. I wish her the best.”

 Kenji in a body soap commercial washing off in wash.

His new album, "Love Me, Hate Me" will be released on the 16th.

Source: Appledaily

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