Jimmy Lin celebrates his birthday on the set of Dynamic Angel

He really doesn’t look like his age but Jimmy Lin has turned 36 on the 15th. The crew of his upcoming movie Dynamic Angel (賽車) gave him an early celebration several days ago. He was joined by costars Cecilia Cheung, Tang Wei, Tanaka Chie and Han Jae Suk.

The actor couldn’t spend the big day with his wife and son because of filming. He said it's a bit of a pity but knows that he should focus on work. After becoming a dad last year, his son Kimi is now the source of happiness in his life. They interact daily by video conferencing so he won’t miss out the little one’s growth progress. Like all parents, his birthday wish is for his son to grow up peacefully and happily.

Another famous dad dropped by the set as Nicholas Tse brought along his son Lucas to visit Cecilia Cheung. Jimmy Lin was impressed by the young dad’s teaching method when Lucas was asked to get up on his own after a fall. On his movie role, Jimmy Lin said, “The sport of car racing is not only my hobby but also my career. (I’m) very thankful to director Jingle Ma for giving me this opportunity, and let me return to the big screen again.”

The resurrection of veteran idols in showbiz means a full schedule ahead for Jimmy Lin. He will work on his next movie “假如我是你 (If You Were Me)” soon after, as well as an Angie Chai-produced idol drama with Cherrie Ying. His EP and concerts will be pushed back till next year.

Source: Chinatimes, UDN, image from Jimmy Creatives Studio

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