Jeannie Hsieh comes back with new techno song "Beep! Beep! Beep!"

The Taiwanese (dialect) Queen of techno music is back! Jeannie Hsieh’s latest single, “Beep! Beep! Beep!” has been gaining a lot of attention on the web and its MV is being forwarded to many sites by netizens. Jeannie not only sings in Taiwanese (dialect) and English, but also Cantonese in the song. Her Cantonese pronunciation has garnered much discussion in the Hong Kong forums, where it's so ridiculously bad that it's funny. Obsessed fans are even humorously dubbing their own version of the lyrics and making fan videos with the song.

Jeannie also wrote daring lyrics for the song, containing phrases like: “Whose mother is too sexy and getting a lot of calls”, “You’re getting elated too easily as if it’s thirty thousand meters high”, “The policeman is taking you away what to do”, and “You >beep< I >beep< so ‘high’…oi yi oi yi” In addition to the neon gloves dance and a bit of Voguing, some netizens pointed out that her white fish skeleton dress looks rather similar to the one ELVA was wearing in “Miss Elva” MV. Jeannie’s manager responded, “Fashion trends always bring us similar styles of clothing. Regardless if it’s clothes or dance, it’s Xiao Yan’s (Jeannie) honor to share the same fashion sense with others.”

Check out the MV here:

...And the fan made:

Source: Liberty Times / Videos: sinba65 & gagmode001

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