Jam Hsiao replaces Vic and Van Ness in Killer Never Kills

Just in case anyone is still keeping tabs on this - Jam Hsiao will be the one taking over the male lead role in the upcoming movie, “The Killer Never Kills”! The filming of the movie has been postponed tremendously due to various production problems like editing the scripts and change of casts as well as directors. Vic Chou and Kong Wen-Yan were the original male lead and director. After Vic withdrew from the movie, Van Ness Wu and Director Cheng Yu-Chieh took over the project. But Van Ness later had to withdraw due to scheduling conflict, and the movie project was said to have been scrapped once and for all.

However, Film Mall Production announced just several days ago that the movie will now be directed by MV director @pple and singer Jam Hsiao will replace Vic and Van Ness as the new male lead. It will also be Jam’s first big screen appearance. The previous female lead Sandrine Pinna will also be replaced by Lin Chen-Xi (林辰唏). The movie is finally set to begin its filming in November.

In related news, Director Cai Yue-Xun’s “Black & White episode 1” movie has also been met with many pre-production obstacles which caused its filming to be delayed several times. Recent rumors surfaced that Hong Kong singer and actor Alex To has joined the cast and is already going through training for his role in Taipei. Alex’s manager expressed that it is still in discussion and Prajna Works also admitted that they have been in contact with Alex.

Source: Libertytimes

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