Jacky Wu voted as the most popular MC for weddings

It’s been a rough year for the veteran entertainer (see this and this), but he might be turning things around very soon. Jacky Wu will be performing in a special segment with funny guys Kang Kang and Frankie Gao at next week’s Golden Bell Awards. He has also been voted as the most wanted MC for weddings in a recent poll.

Participants of the survey were asked, “If you plan a wedding, which male celebrity would you invite to liven up the atmosphere?” Jacky Wu (pictured above at Shen Yu Lin's wedding) finished on top with an impressive 24.58%. He was followed by Harlem Yu with 9.8%, a surprising Chen Han Dian (陳漢典) in third with 8.95%, Wu Gua (胡瓜) in fourth with 8.10% and Zhu Ge Liang (豬哥亮) rounds out the top 5 with 7.12%.

The survey proved Jacky Wu’s hosting skills and sense of humor are well appreciated. As for Harlem Yu, his singing ability is a major asset in addition to his hosting. The most interesting choice was relatively newcomer Chen Han Dian. Despite being over two decades younger than everyone else, he was recognized for his superb impersonations and comedic talent.

Jacky Wu also proved to be more popular with young people rather than those from his own age. He received 30% of votes from participants between the ages of 15-24, 26% for 25-34, 19% for 35-44 and 14% for 45 and above. In contrast, Wu Gua and Chang Fei were preferred by the older age groups.

A round up of these in-demand wedding MC's

No.1 Jacky Wu (1962/09/26, age 48)
Winner of Golden Bell Best Variety Show Host in 2008; Golden Melody Best (Taiwanese-dialect) Male Singer in 1994
- Discovered Jay Chou on one of his shows; eventually sold his record company Alfa Music along with Jay Chou's contract

No.2 Harlem Yu (1961/07/28, age 49)
Winner of  Golden Bell Best Variety Show Host in 2000 and 2001; Golden Melody Best (Mandarin) Male Singer in 2002
- 8-year marriage with Annie Yi ended in 2009.

No.3 Chen Han Dian (1984/7/6, age 26)
No award (yet)
- Made his debut in 2006 through an impersonation contest from "Big Party"; starred in "Monga" and "Love in Disguise" this year.

No.4 Wu Gua (1959/6/4, 51)
Winner of 2009 Golden Bell Best Variety Show Host
- Son-in-law and plastic surgeon Ah Liang just can't stay out of trouble.

No.5 Zhu Ge Liang (1946/12/5, 63)
Nominated for Best Variety Show Host at this year's Golden Bell
- Estranged daughter Jeannie Hsieh became an Internet sensation with her song "Beep! Beep! Beep!"

Source: www.pollster.com.tw, images from Chinatimes

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