Hebe promotes environmental friendliness in new "To Hebe" MV

Hebe Tien Fu-Chen releases her newest single, “To Hebe”. Through producer Sandee Chan (who wrote the song and lyrics), Hebe expresses her views on today’s society. The song promotes environmental friendliness which coincides to the same theme as her album. On the day she was filming the MV, Sandee also visited Hebe. The two had also collaborated and wrote “離別曲" (roughly translates to Farewell Song) together previously. In regards to the latest single, Hebe expressed, “Teacher Sandee wrote the song very well, it touches my heart. I hope I can overcome my mentality and love this world more.”

For the MV, a young girl was invited to play mini-Hebe. Mini-Hebe was so adorable that Hebe said, “I like her so much! Her cheeks are so round that I want to take a bite…I want to take her home.”

Hebe tries out various image styles in the MV including holding a samurai sword, drawing, eating dim-sum, and tangling herself with film. Hebe, who was wearing black from head to toe, was full of coolness. Hebe revealed, “During my teenage, I was more passionate and held onto my dream. I always thought that I could do something to change things around.”

Hebe's "To Hebe" album is now available on YesAsia!

Check out the MV below:

Source: UDN / Video: HIMservice

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