Hebe and Ella visit Selina at the hospital

As reported earlier, Selina Jen is suffering from burns due to an accident on the set of her new drama in Shanghai. Selina is currently staying at a hospital in Taiwan. Her family, group mates Hebe and Ella, and her fiancĂ© Chang Cheng Chong visited her. It’s the second day after her surgery, Hebe and Ella commented, “She is much stronger than we think.”

Her fiancĂ© Ah Chong (Chang Cheng Chong) has been visiting Selina every day after work. Upon seeing him, Selina said, “It hurts, it hurts. Thinking back at the explosion, it was really scary.” Ah Chong affectionately responded, “Don’t think about what happened anymore. Before, you didn’t have time to think about our wedding, now you can focus on preparing for it.” Whether their wedding will be pushed back or not, the family and HIM records expressed that they have not decided yet.

Ella and Hebe visited Selina for about an hour. The two told the media, “Before we went in, we were very nervous. We had to hold our tears. Selina shed some tears, but she’s much stronger than everyone thinks. She gave us confidence, she’s very brave, and she has high EQ to overcome many things.” Hebe expressed, “We can see that belief and confidence are the best medicine.” Ella added, “She’s already being this tough, so everyone also needs to stay strong.” Selina’s birthday is on the 31st, and the two are still thinking of how to celebrate with her.

Selina’s condition has been stable after the surgery and she has eaten Braised Pork Rice, Sea Bass Soup, and more. Staying optimistic, she even comforted her dad, “I will listen to the doctor and follow everything they say in order to get well soon.” Selina’s dad said in relief, “Since the accident happened until now, I can finally have a good meal.”

There were rumors that Selina’s hair was shaved, but it has only been cut short. Although she has not seen herself in the mirror yet, she is fully aware that her face is blistered. She is able to sit upright to watch TV, but she is avoiding the news as advised by her dad.

Her management company has not yet discussed about the insurance and reason for the accident. According to the drama crew, the accident was due to “malfunctioning of old equipment.” HIM records originally declined over a thousand offers for Selina and chose this drama project in the end, hoping that it will be a representative piece in her career before she gets married. No one could imagine that such an accident would occur.

Director Chen Ming-Jhang of “I have a date with spring” apologized on his micro-blog and expressed that he should be the one taking full responsibility for the accident. Since the incident, the drama production side still has not arranged a press conference to explain what happened; Fans have been heavily criticizing this and requested that the explosives technician for the drama to come out and clarify the matter.

Source: UDN

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