Goo Hye Sun excited about half-naked Wu Chun for "Absolute Boyfriend"

The Taiwanese remake of "Absolute Boyfriend" has officially been confirmed! South Korean actress Goo Hye Sun of Korean idol drama "Boys over Flowers" fame will indeed be tapped to star with Taiwanese actor and boy band Fahrenheit member Wu Chun for the Taiwanese live-action manga adaptation and Japanese idol drama remake of cult favorite "Absolute Boyfriend".

At yesterday's press conference announcing news of the remake, Hye Sun confessed that when she went on the internet to learn more about her upcoming co-star, she was introduced to the Fahrenheit member's half-naked pictures exposing his muscular upper body. In fact, when pressed about possible intimate scenes with Wu Chun as he plays the cybernetic doll hunk from the original manga, Hye Sun sweetly laughed and replied, "I'm really looking forward to it". This response startled Wu Chun, whom was sitting beside her, and the actor tried to quickly defuse the situation by saying, "You don't have to answer questions about that!"

The production costs for "Absolute" are expected to be on the high-end in terms of Taiwanese dramas. Not only will the drama involve employing CGI to animate the technical aspects of the drama, but also includes the high acting fees in casting incredibly popular Wu Chun and hugely trendy actress Hye Sun. Estimates are hovering at each episode costing roughly half a million yuan.

The two stars for the upcoming "Absolute" drama met again for the first time since their Taiwan tourism promotional collaboration yesterday, where the media was given glimpses of Hye Sun's straightforward disposition contrasting with Wu Chun's more "robotic" manner during the question session of the press conference. And even though the two stars were being photographed throughout the press conference, the pair managed to maintain a relative safe distance from each other throughout. Their distanced was maintained for so long that the media got annoyed and started pressuring the two to be "more intimate" with each other. Wu Chun then nervously asked the Korean interpreter to relay to Hye Sun, "Is it okay if I put my hand on her shoulder?"

Since this is Wu Chun's first time working with the Korean actress in an idol drama capacity, the Taiwanese idol continued to give a good impression to his new co-star. Yet despite Hye Sun's sweet outer appearances, the Korean actress had the same comfortable attitude towards Wu Chun that Wu Chun's previous co-star Ella of Taiwanese girl group S.H.E had towards Wu Chun in previous idol drama "Hana Kimi". The Korean actress further showcased her disposition when she spewed the classic line "Alcohol is my good friend" while she was promoting "Boys" in Taiwan.

About revealing his bare upper body, Wu Chun dimissed the issue yesterday and said, "It's not a big deal for a guy to show his upper body. When I swim, I only wear swimming trunks. Don't get too worked up about this, everyone." On the other hand, after Hye Sun watched the Japanese live-action adaptation of the "Absolute" manga, the actress immediately searched for photos of the half-naked Wu Chun with satisfactory results. She further added at yesterday's conference that Wu Chun has an exceptional body, and that she feels that Wu Chun is as handsome as her previous co-star Lee Min Ho while working with him for "Boys". Yet Hye Sun followed up her own comments by saying that there is no one now that could match Wu Chun for that "I only have eyes for him" feeling.

Video of "Absolute Boyfriend" press conference:

Source: UDN
Photo Source: Apple Daily

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