Golden Bell proves to be a ratings winner

The results are in -- Last Friday’s Golden Bell Awards for Television scored the highest ratings of the decade. It averaged 3.88% overall with the most watched segment peaking at 4.81%. The big numbers came courtesy of the presentation for Best Variety Show Host. In spite of long-winded nominee/presenter Chang Fei, viewers were eager to see Zhu Ge Liang (pictured with his co-winner Rene Hou) wins his first Golden Bell award.

The veteran entertainer could really use some good news after he had lost a case earlier that afternoon. Zhu Ge Liang even joked about his financial woes during his acceptance speech, “I was actually afraid to walk down the red carpet today, fearing that people might come to collect my debts. The court has just ordered me to pay more than 10 million (13 mil NTD to be exact) at 4:35 pm. Hopefully people who love me will hire me, so I can pay back other people (that I owe) sooner.”

Another Golden Bell winner also received some bad news after the awards. Director Chu Yu Ning (of "It Started With A Kiss", pictured on the right) has been preparing the Taiwanese adaptation of “Coffee Prince” for the past six months. Unfortunately it is now confirmed that the project has been scrapped due to disagreements with its investors. The drama tapped numerous male idols for the lead role but has yet to secure any. Its cancellation also means lead actress Ariel Lin will further delay her TV comeback. Her manager commented that situations like this are really out of the actors’ control. However, fans of the actress won’t have to wait too long because she will be starring in a movie later this year.

In other ratings news, “Rookies’ Diary" dropped to the lowest ratings of its run with last week’s episode. It went up against the Golden Bell and scored 8.01%. Its recent numbers have been a bit disappointing, but “Rookies” is still watched by more viewers than all the Sunday idol dramas combined. The shows continued to struggle runs last week with “Zhong Wu Yen” in first place (2.35%), followed by “Personal Preference” (1.25%), “Endless Love” (0.88%) and “4 Gifts” (0.86%).

Source: Appledaily, Chinatimes, UDN

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