Girls of new group GIA skew rich lifestyles for shot at music fame

Unlike the profiles of other Mandopop girl group members, the four-members Mandopop girl group GIA 姊啊 (Girl, It's Awesome!) have a background that is uncommon in the industry. So while aspiring female singers that debut in Mandopop girl groups typically come from modest middle-class backgrounds with either a modeling or auditioning background, the girls in GIA shatter that stereotype with backgrounds that are often found by well-off characters in popular Taiwanese idol dramas.

Debuting a little more than a couple months prior, the girls Amily, Mina, Yuli, and Alina of GIA come from well-educated backgrounds as graduates of prestigious universities in Taiwan and the United Kingdom. In addition, their family backgrounds are tied to hugely successful business backgrounds ranging from cosmetics to online gaming. Prior to forming GIA, each of the girls had to overcome some sort of opposition from their families in their joining the entertainment industry. One of the members even had to come to a compromise with her mother as they debated over her role in taking over their family business.

The girls already have some background experience in fine arts study during their university days, and they continue to train daily in order to handle the rigors of being in a girl group. A member of GIA commented that training is important in order to be adept at both fast-paced and slow songs, and further stated that in conjunction to their normal lives, "We average five hours a day singing and dancing. We're not worried about being compared."

Despite not being in full agreement with the families regarding their path to musical stardom as members of an aspiring girl group, one member summed up the group's emotions by saying, "We won't give up singing!".

GIA's "Miss Happy Life 樂活小姐" MV:

GIA's "Don't Ever Say You're Not Lonely 別再說不寂寞" MV:

Members of GIA during MV shoot for "Miss Happy Life 樂活小姐":

Source: UDN

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