Fish Leong's "No If" is the most popular ringback tone

Due to the hit series “My Queen”, Fish Leong’s “No If” (theme song) is the most used ringback tone/music (what your callers hear) on Chunghwa Telecom since 2009. The second most used song is Korean boy group Super Junior’s “Sorry, Sorry” – indeed, anyone should be sorry for not picking up right away. Della Ding’s KTV hit “I Love Him” is third place and then it’s Jolin Tsai dominating the chart.

Fish Leong (left) and Jolin Tsai (right) are the most popular picks for ringback tones.

Despite the popularity of these ringback tracks, record companies have not been receiving a fair amount of commission from Chunghwa Telecom. The record companies only receive fees from the first month of subscription, and then all the fees the users pay from the second month and onwards go to the mobile company. The unfairness also caused General Manager Sam Duan of Rock Records to hold a banner high in the air at the Golden Melody Awards of last year, which wrote, “Telecom companies please stop abusing record companies!”

Thus, the GIO (Government Information Office) and Chunghwa decided to hold a press conference with nine other record companies including Warner Music and Rock Records to revisit their current agreement. They announced the proportion of commission paid to the record companies for these ringback tones will be increased.

The record industry has been in a slump due to the rise of pirated copies and illegal downloads. At the best of its time in 1997, the gross output of CDs was 13 billion (NTD), while it has dropped all the way down to 1.4 billion (NTD) last year. Digital music has almost replaced music on a physical medium – and digital ringback tones have become a great business opportunity for the record industry.

Fish Leong and Jolin Tsai both have three songs in the top 10 of the ringback tones chart. They reportedly brought in 3 million and 5 million (NTD) of commission respectively for their record companies. With the new agreement in place, record companies are expecting to receive thirty times more now that they can get commissioned on regular monthly usage and not just the first month. Many are optimistic about the change.

Robin Lee, the CEO of RIT (Recording Industry Foundation in Taiwan), expressed that Japan, Korea, and other countries in Asia have been able to derive 3 billion (NTD) from digital sales while Taiwan’s number is no more than 300 million (NTD). He believes that the change in the agreement should help the record industry greatly.

The top 10 ringback tones from 2009 to date.

Source: Appledaily

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