Endless Love moves up to second in the ratings

What a surprise! It looks like things have turned around for the Will Pan-Sandrine Pinna drama. After being at the bottom for most of its run, ratings for “Endless Love” shot back above 1% and moved into second. The top spot still belonged to “Zhong Wu Yen” at 2.52%, which was less than impressive for a SETTV drama (airing on TTV.) Second place went to “Endless” (1.07%) as mentioned before, followed by Korean drama “Personal Preference” (1.02%), and “4 Gifts” (0.78%) in last.

In other drama news, SETTV/TTV announced their replacement for Friday night's "Ni Yada". Sonia Sui and James Wen will be back to play a couple again in "犀利人妻 (very roughly translates to 'Sharp Wife')". Their previous drama together, "The Year of Happiness and Love", became a surprise hit in the latter half of its run. FTV's "Rookies' Diary" currently dominates the time slot even though its ratings have slipped below 10%. It remains to be seen if Sonia Sui can challenge her boyfriend Yao Yuan Hao (who stars in "Rookies") for the top spot.

Some might also be curious of the performance of “Gloomy Salad Days” last Saturday, but no data is available at this time. The drama is unlikely to get big ratings as it airs in a very tough time slot against the top-rated varieties. Lead actor Aaron Yan wasn’t the focus of the first short story, so he only had limited screen time in the back-to-back episodes . Stay tune for a full recap of Gloomy Salad Days from CpopAccess!

Source: Chinatimes, image from Comic Ritz

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