Eddie Peng cartwheels for the press

Eddie Peng appeared at the press conference in Yilan for his new movie, “Somersault Punk (翻滾吧!阿信)”. Eddie had already worked out very hard to get his six-pack to become a boxer in his previous film, “Close To You”. He continued with his previous meal plan for “Somerault”, in which he can’t eat oily or salty foods. In addition, he has undergone three months of extensive training in order to play a gymnastic coach in the new movie.

He wore a tank top at the press conference, revealing his muscular arms and buffed chest. He lifted his female lead Lin Chen-Xi (林辰唏) effortlessly, did some powerful push-ups, and then finished off with a cartwheel with a perfect landing. Movie producer Lee Lieh praised Eddie and even named him as a future action superstar, “Out of the current Taiwan male actors, he has the most training. He’ll definitely be number one!”

Coincidently, his previously rumored girlfriend Jolin Tsai has also showed some gymnastic moves on the rings and pommel horse in her concert before. When asked if he had asked her for any pointers, he replied, “She really works hard” and wished her all the best with her new relationship.

Source: Appledaily

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