Eason Chan comes face to face with his impersonator

After a slew of Korean stars, variety show Super King finally welcomes one of the best from Hong Kong – Eason Chan! Host Frankie Huang (黃鐙輝) especially put on his Eason-hair as a tribute to the Golden Melody Best Male winner. After a close encounter with his impersonator, Eason Chan laughed and said, “(He) really looks like (me)! But my hairline is higher, although not as high as people from the Qing Dynasty!”

Frankie Huang was eager to show off his Eason style at the beginning of the taping. Much to everyone’s surprise, Eason Chan’s stylist charged on stage during the mid-way break to change his hairstyle completely. Host Jacky Wu looked on in shock, “You are probably the first star ever to change your hair immediately after realizing you have an impersonator!”

Since tickets for Eason Chan’s concerts were sold out already, Jacky Wu took the opportunity to complain in person. The singer promised him, “If Hsien Ge (Jacky Wu) wants to attend, there’s no need to purchase tickets!” Jacky Wu then asked for 200 tickets which left Eason Chan speechless. Host Tony Sun also congratulated him on “breaking the double-egg", to which Jacky Wu responded, “Why did you bring up other people’s grief (referring to Chan's famous accident)!” Tony Sun clarified he only meant that tickets have been sold out for both the Taipei and Kaohsiung concert dates.

Source: UDN

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