Rookie girl group E-Girls strive to become spiritual successors to S.H.E

Two of the most respected music producers in Taiwan's Mandopop music industry have recently helped the girls of rookie girl group E-Girls get a wide release for their latest single "Essential Love". The girls of E-Girls, who earned their entertainment industry chops in Taiwanese variety show "University", are currently traveling around the country to promote their latest musical effort.

The "University" alumi are drawing attention due to the comments of one of the famous music producers that helped create E-Girls, as he compared the formation of E-Girls to superstar girl group S.H.E. Like the four members that make up rookie group E-Girls, the veteran trio of ladies that make up S.H.E got their own start from a variety show program. The producer continued by stating that these young girls serve as a reminder of embracing one's dreams, as the upcoming girl group aim to be the spiritual successor to international sensation S.H.E. Group member Mo Li followed up by energetically expressing that she hoped that the group will one day perform at Taipei Arena, a venue that plays host to only the top musical acts from Taiwan and beyond.

And in case you were wondering, S.H.E performed at Taipei Area earlier this year.

E-Girls' "Essential Love" MV:

Source: NOWnews

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