Crowd Lu to hold marathon style concert in December

Crowd Lu met with his fans at a shaved-ice shop in Sansia on the 2nd to match the theme of his recent EP, “四菓冰 (Si Guo Bing)”, which roughly translates to “four flavored fruit ice.” He also took the opportunity to announce that he will be holding a marathon style concert at the Taipei Arena on December 18.

It will be the first time for this last year’s GMA best new artist to hold a concert there. He revealed that his all-day concert is titled, “Good Morning & Good Evening”, and that the concert will be split into three parts – morning, afternoon, and evening. In Crowd Lu style, he will start the concert at the Taipei Arena at 10AM, then share a movie with his fans in the afternoon, and finally sing again in the evening. There will also be seven short videos made especially for the concert and will be played throughout.

Source: UDN, NOWnews

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