Court orders Lin Chi-Ling to pay up back taxes

Taiwan’s number one supermodel Lin Chi-Ling has been ordered to pay 6.84 million NTD (~ $220,000 USD) in back taxes by the Taipei High Administrative Court. A penalty of 1.35 million NTD (~43,000 USD) was waived as they believe it wasn't done intentionally.

Her income taxes from 2003 to 2005 have in fact been disputed for many years. The main issue was whether she and management company Catwalk were working as collaborators, or she was working for them as an employee. She believes her income was earned by professional practice, so 45% of it could be expensed as per regulations.

However, the Taipei National Tax Administration believes Lin Chi-Ling was an employee of Catwalk based on the conditions of their contract. As a result, she should only be allowed to deduct NT$75,000 (~2,400 USD) from her salary. The administration maintained that she falsely reported her income tax from 03 to 05. Therefore they are asking her to pay a total of 8.19 million NTD (~265,000 USD) in back taxes and a fine.

Media outlets were out in full force at the court house to report on the ruling. They were hoping Lin Chi-Ling would make another surprise appearance like she did two weeks ago on a previous court date. Unfortunately the model was nowhere to be found as she was not in Taiwan. In a phone interview, her mother Wu Tzu-Mei (吳慈美) said they are planning to appeal.

Source: Chinatimes, UDN

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