"Black & White" movie hopes to help increase tourist attraction for Kaohsiung

Almost 80% of the drama “Black & White” was filmed in Kaohsiung, which included the True Love Ferry Pier, Formosa Boulevard MRT Station, the Dream Mall and more. The drama’s magnificent filming also increased the local area’s tourism. Even the hotel room where Sonia Sui seduced “Wu Ying Xiong” (Mark Chao) in is being called the “Honey Trap Suite” by netizens, costing NT$40,000 per night to stay in.

The movie version, “Black & White Episode 1: The Dawn of Assault”, is returning to Kaohsiung again. Since the original south district police station has been taken down and the hamburger place was destroyed in an explosion scene in the drama, they will be constructing new ones for the movie. The local government is also providing funding for the movie to rebuild the south district police station film studio.

Director Cai Yue-Xun hopes that the new 6,000 pings (~216,000 sq. feet) film studio can be split into two sections: a theme park and a professional film studio, “The goal of the film studio is not only to increase tourist attraction, it is also to transform Kaohsiung to be the focal city for the filming industry.”

Director Cai and the cast of the "Black & White" movie held a press conference and the movie is scheduled to begin filming in November – picture at top: Terri Kwan (left) recently joined the cast, posing with Director Cai Yue-Xun and Ivy Chen.

Ivy Chen & Mark Chao reunites for the movie version.

Source: Appledaily, Liberty Times

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