Bii prepares to release debut album; "After Turning Away" gets MV treatment

21 year old newcomer Bii will finally get to release his debut album, “Bii Story” on October 6th. After coming out with an EP earlier this year, the singer was still lacking popularity. Thus, under his management company's request, he collected ten thousand postcards stamped with finger prints from fans, which served as his passport to make a full album.

The singer has already been gaining some attention as the voice behind both the opening and ending theme songs to SETTV’s latest drama, “Zhong Wu Yen”. Both of the theme songs as well as the insert songs for the drama will be on his debut album. In addition, the album will also contain Korean versions of his Chinese songs.

During a recent episode of “Million Primary School”, Bii expressed that he is working hard on learning Chinese with Zhuyin (Bopopmofo) – the singer grew up in Korea before moving to Taiwan.

Bii's debut album is now available for preorder on YesAsia!

[Eng Subs] Bii's "After Turning Away 轉身之後" (Zhong Wu Yen's ending theme song):


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