Bii goes on Million Singer; calls out to manager for help on missing lyrics

With the release of his first full debut album, "Bii Story", newcomer Bii appeared on the popular game show Million Singer. Not knowing how to read Chinese, Bii relied on his own memory for the lyrics and passed the first round with ease by singing his good friend Xiao Yu’s “Finally Said It.” Bii decided to sing his manager Lee Ya-Ming’s “Bird and Tree” on the second round, but he couldn’t come up with any of the missing lyrics. The show allowed Bii to call out to Lee Ya-Ming despite host Harlem Yu made fun, “He might not even remember it himself at his age.”

Although it was Bii who needed help, Harlem did most of the talking. Once the call got through, manager Lee Ya-Ming immediately asked, “Who are you?” Harlem humorously replied, “Who am I? Who are you? Don’t you have any manners? Since I called you, you should tell me who you are first,” which made Lee Ya-Ming completely speechless while Bii tried to hold his laughter on the side. The bickering continued between the veterans but fortunately, Lee Ya-Ming provided the missing lyrics which helped Bii pass. Bii thanked his manager but Lee Ya-Ming replied, “Thank my ass, you didn’t even know how to sing my song,” and the audience fell in laughter.

Left: Bii feeling embarrassed for not knowing his manager's song. / 
Right: Host Harlem promises to send manager Lee Ya-Ming his medicine after the show.

Bii lost on the fourth round singing Harlem’s classic hit and Meteor Garden theme song, “Can’t Help Falling In Love” (情非得已). Even though everyone tried their best to hint the line of missing lyrics to Bii, the show awarded a member of the audience with NT$3,000 for revealing the correct lyrics.

Bii's "Bii Story" is now available on YesAsia!

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