Behind the Album: Miss ELVA - ELVA Hsiao

ELVA has not only topped the charts, prior to the release of her "Miss ELVA" album, ELVA's record company, Gold Typhoon, had held a preview conference, inviting the famous in the music circle to see a new ELVA. It had resulted in an unanimous positive response for the album.

Such positive results for the album was not just due to ELVA throwing herself into singing. That only accounts for a small part in the bigger picture. She also participated in writing lyrics for five of the songs, composing the music for two, and tried her hand at producing two songs entirely by herself. Besides the fresh creativity of her dance music, there are also the gentle, soft, and slow love songs that deviate from her past. This time she demonstrated her soft and exquisite singing skills.

The title song for ELVA's 2010 album, "Miss ELVA," was written by the famous David Ke and composed by Golden Melody Awards winning composer, Showan. Though it was the first time Showan and ELVA had collaborated together, they had an instant understanding. Almost as soon as ELVA started to sing, Showan unexpectedly shouted, "That's right, just like that! Whether it is the feeling of the lyrics or the melody, ELVA had a great grasp on it." ELVA, with her deep voice sang out the main song and completed it in only four hours. She sang without holding back and threw in her own childish and lovable singing style. Everyone praised her for her unequaled charm.

Hopefully, the songs in ELVA's newest album will reach the popularity of her 2009 song, "Shinning Love 閃閃惹人愛." The song had become part of the daily language in a short time with it's lively electronic beat. No matter when or where, everyone could sing together, "Oh~ I like, I like you. Oh~ Don't oppress it, it's not a secret" (rough translation)

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Miss Elva Tracklist (w/rough translations):

01. 瀟灑小姐 (Miss Chic)
02. 狂想曲 (Rhapsody)
03. 完整我 (Complete Me)
04. 抱緊你 (Tightly Hug You)
05. 讓愛飛起來 (Let Love Fly)
06. 瘦瘦瘦瘦 (Thin, thin, thin, thin)
07. 玩笑 (Joke)
08. 大說謊家 (Big Liar)
09. 錯的人 (Wrong Person)
10. 雙面女神 (Two-faced Goddess)

[Eng Sub] Wrong Person

Miss Chic

Source: UDN

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