Are viewers ready for Jay Chou the variety show host?

They better be! – We all know Superstar Jay Chou is immensely talented, but is it possible for him to talk for 90 minutes straight? Our questions will finally be answered with the highly anticipated premiere of “Mr. J Channel” this Saturday.

Jay Chou met with the media to officially introduce his new show. The oh-so-cool host said he is doing all this just for the fun of it. He is not worried about the competition and believes hosting is a way to increase his ability. When asked about the chances of inviting J-girls on his show, he said his guests for the first season have already been settled.

As for Jolin Tsai, he responded, “That can wait till the next season, yes, the next, no, next season, just joking.” And on her current relationship, he commented “I’m very happy. She’s very brave. I have yet to find someone that can make me this brave. I hope I’ll find someone that everyone thinks is amazing.

Cti and CTV are counting on “Mr. J Channel” to bring in big ratings. The show will make its debut on Cti’s entertainment channel (on cable) this Saturday at 8 pm. CTV (free-to-air network) will re-run the episode on the following Saturday (11/06) at 10 pm. Jay Chou said he won't look at the numbers, but he is confident about the show's performance. This new addition to the schedule also means a major shake up for the rest of CTV’s variety lineup.

The struggling Guess Guess Guess will move to Friday at 8 pm starting on November 5th. It has been battling Super King (which is rumored to be canceled in December) for last place on Saturdays. This week’s episode will featured Selina in her last taping before the unfortunate accident. Chen Han Dian has been brought in to join Harlem Yu as a regular guest host in her absence. Former Friday powerhouse “One Million Star” will be moved to Sundays at 8. Meanwhile, its original slot at 10 pm will be given to Bowie Tseng’s new movie-themed show which she co-hosts with, again, Chen Han Dian.

Previews of "Mr. J Channel"

Source: Chinatimes, UDN, images from UDN, Mr. J Channel Facebook, video's from ctitv's Channel

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