Alien Huang gets tattooed

Alien Huang (Xiao Gui) decided to show a bit of skin for European jeans brand, IZZVATI's, print ads and catalogs. In order to emphasize the spirit of design, a tattoo artist was hired to come on set and give Alien a few tattoos.

Apparently, getting tattoos reminded Alien of his younger years, "When I was a student, I thought that tattoos were really cool and debated for a long time whether to get a tattoo or not. Later on, I saw a friend of mine get a tattoo of his girlfriend's name on his arm. The two broke up in the end and he got a new girlfriend who he constantly quarreled with due to the tattoo. It completely straightened out any ideas I had about getting a tattoo."

Alien has been gaining much popularity and becoming busier lately. He just wrapped up a new idol series, 流氓校長 (roughly "Rogue Headmaster") before he was immediately contacted by IZZVATI for advertising their apparel and has also been working hard to prepare for his upcoming Hong Kong concert.

Source: NOWnews

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