AK celebrates birthday in Halloween costumes

It’s definitely not Halloween yet, but the AK duo decided to celebrate early along with Andy Chen’s 24th birthday in full Halloween gear. In his black angel costume inspired by Amit, Andy shocked his fans by saying that he will not live to be more than 65 years old. He explained that when he was 15, he had a dream where he visited the underworld and met a girl there; He promised her that he would “reunite with her 50 years later.” Although there’s no way of telling if that was true or not, he laughed, “My birthday wish is to live to be over 65 years old.”

The soon to be 18 years old Kris Shen came in his not-so-spooky vampire costume. He had already asked his *godfather Peter Ho to buy him a car, but Peter joked, “I’ll buy him a bike. If I get him a car, he’ll go pick up girls with it. It won’t be good if he gets caught with that.”

*godfather in Chinese culture is a man whose position is roughly equivalent to a foster father and without religious or legal complications.

Source: UDN / photo from Appledaily

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