"Absolute Boyfriend" actress Goo Hye Sun: Wu Chun is hotter than Lee Min Ho!

South Korean Goo Hye Sun made the most of her three day stay in Taiwan following her press conference with Fahrenheit member and fellow co-star Wu Chun for the upcoming live action adaptation of "Absolute Boyfriend". During her time with the muscular hunk, the pair had the chance to spend some quality time together to get to know each other over a meal of hot pot. One of the notable highlights of that particular dinner was when Wu Chun showcased his gentlemanly skills in picking out the highly delicious crab meat and offering it to his South Korean guest.

Following the time Hye Sun spent with her future robot love, the Korean actress took the time to meet with 150 of her fans as she played interactive games and gave out personal tokens such as used perfume (translator's note: WTF?) and an expired personal ID. When the host of the fan meet-and-greet posed the question "Is Wu Chun more handsome than ["Boys Over Flowers" co-star] Lee Min Ho" to Hye Sun, the actress immediately admitted, "Yes!" When followed up with the question as to whether she felt that her answer would offend her previous "Boys" co-star, Hye Sun replied, "If he knew about this, I think he would be a bit sad."

Later in the meet-and-greet, Hye Sun came face-to-leg with a few of her male fans as the host asked the Korean actress what kind of legs she liked most in her ideal perfect lover. During this activity, Hye Sun excited one of her male fans when she chose his leg and replied to her choice by saying, "I like this one. It seems very manly, and has a strong enough manly strength". The male fan responded to his selection with an ecstatic leg swirl to show his appreciation.

Goo Hye Sun selecting male fan with the sexiest leg at meet-and-greet:

Source: UDN, NOWnews

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