Aaron Yan missing from Fahrenheit's signing event due to back injury

Fahrenheit’s autographing and mini concert event that was originally scheduled on September 19th was postponed due to the typhoon. Fans had been waiting anxiously to greet their idols on the 16th, but Aaron Yan was hospitalized due to injuring his back during his filming.

Since the release of their latest album, “Super Hot”, the members have all been busy with hosting and filming dramas. Aaron Yan was filming until dawn and hurt his back during a fight scene; Wu Chun, Jiro Wang, and Calvin Chen made a call out to Aaron during the event; Aaron explained through the phone, “Because of my back injury, I can’t stand on stage. I hope that everyone do not worry too much about me.”

Wu Chun was looking rather suave in his shades, but it turned out that he wore them because he injured his left eye. He went to the doctor and applied medication to it in the afternoon just before the event. He was also advised not to expose his eye to strong light, hence the sunglasses.

Source: UDN

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