ZE:A in Taiwan for the second time!

Korean boyband ZE:A's Junyoung and Dongjoon visited Taiwan for the second time this month, attending casual shoe brand SKONO's fashion show as models. They spent nearly $30,000 NT buying 15 pairs of shoes for themselves and the 7 other members who didn't go to Taiwan.

Leader Junyoung said "We aren't professional models, and don't want to parade too seriously, we want to show our laidback and cheerful image. We're not nervous, we're really excited!"
Dongjoon said that seeing the fans when he was on stage uplifted his mood.

Korean fans have high expectations of their idols, even creating "MR removed" tracks (where the backing track of a song is removed, only leaving the singers' voice) to analyse singing abilities. Junyoung says "We often go online to view what fans write about our performances. Even though there is negative feedback, instead of feeling hurt, we are thankful to the fans for their critiques and advice." ZE:A wishes to expand into a wider Asian market, and they hope to work with Jolin as well.

Sources: NextMedia, LibertyTimes

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