Yao Yao releases "DiDiDa" MV

Yao Yao’s new MV for her latest single, “DiDiDa”, just came out. The MV takes the theme of “Alice In Wonderland” and the staff spent three days creating “Alice’s” room. Upon arriving to the set, Yao Yao exclaimed, “It’s so dreamy.”

For the MV, the staff also built a huge 3-step colorful staircase. Although it was quite a challenge for the staff members to walk up the stairs, Yao Yao climbed them with ease in her high heels.

The song has also been chosen as the ending theme for the cartoon, Old Master Q.

Yao Yao's latest album, "Honey", is now available on yesasia!

Source: NOWnews, Liberty Times / Video: MVTaiwan

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