Wu Chun to star in “Absolute Boyfriend” remake with Goo Hye Sun?

Over a year ago, netizens were tricked by fake news originating from a Chinese online discussion board regarding a Taiwanese remake of “Absolute Boyfriend”, where the rumor spread the news that it would star Fahrenheit’s boy band member Wu Chun and Taiwanese singer Jolin Tsai. This false report came shortly after the success of the Japanese live-action drama of the same name, which was itself based on the manga of the same name. Fast forward to now, and news is circulating once again that Taiwanese broadcast station GTV will remake the hugely popular Japanese drama. The male lead attached to this Taiwanese remake? None other than Wu Chun himself.

News of a Taiwanese remake appear to be more substantiated this time around, as Taiwanese media and not bored netizens from a Chinese discussion board are reporting this news. Unlike previous false reports that imaginatively paired up Wu Chun with Jolin, the supposed remake will instead pair the Fahrenheit stud with Korean actress Goo Hye Sun of Korean drama “Boys Over Flowers” fame.

If GTV’s production of the Taiwanese remake holds true, then it would mark the third time this year that a Taiwanese drama is helmed by at least one lead Korean actor or actress. The two previously mentioned dramas are the Taiwanese live-action drama adaptation of Japanese manga “Hayate the Combat Butler”, with Korean actress Park Shin Hye of Korean drama “You are Beautiful” cast alongside Taiwanese actor George Hu; and the Taiwanese live-action drama “Extravagant Challenge” adapted from Japanese manga “Skip Beat!”, which has Korean boy band Super Junior’s Choi Siwon and Lee Donghae cast alongside Taiwanese actress Ariel Lin.

Wu Chun continues to be a hot commodity to drama producers since his starring role in 2006’s Taiwanese drama “Tokyo Juliet” with Ariel Lin. His monetary value as an actor only escalated since his last broadcast lead role in “Romantic Princess” with Angela Chang, and is already in the final stages in his lead role with Taiwanese actress Rainie Yang for upcoming drama "Sunshine Angel". He along with Rainie were in fact paired together in order to boost ratings in response to losing the ratings game against rival Taiwanese channel SETTV.

For Korean actress Hye Sun, she surged in popularity following her lead role in Korean drama “Boys Over Flowers”, which is itself the third live-action adaptation since the 2001's Taiwanese drama “Meteor Garden” and 2005's Japanese drama “Hana Yori Dango” of the popular Japanese manga. Hye Sun also worked previously with Wu Chun in a tourism collaboration with Fahrenheit, the boy band that Wu Chun is a part of. Since working together in that effort, the two entertainers agreed to work on a future project together.

Taiwanese news broadcast of Absolute Boyfriend remake [English subtitles]:

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